What is the GSU?


The Girevoy Sports Union is a union of kettlebell athletes and coaches whose mission is to inspire, teach and enable people to improve, train and compete in the discipline known as Girevoy Sport (kettlebell sport) with the purpose of increasing awareness and understanding of this amazing, competitive and exhilarating sport. We aim to ensure that our members are fully supported at all levels. Membership is open to all girevoy sport athletes from all associations, clubs and countries. We are not affiliated to any one international organisation (IUKL, IGSF, WKC, EGSA, RGSF etc), we promote and support all international organisations and encourage all of our athletes to compete as much as they can in all federations.

As a not-for-profit organisation we can keep our fees to the very minimum. We are committed to providing opportunities for our members and the inclusion of all and as such the use of any money over and above the running and admin costs of the organisation will be put to members vote.

We will work with all federations and associations in the UK and Ireland to:
1. Promote girevoy sports nationally, and internationally.
2. Provide workshops and seminars for athletes of all levels from the novice to the advanced.
3. Assist athletes in competing in as many national and international competitions as possible, freely and without prejudice.

4. Work to get Girevoy Sport recognised as an official national sport in its member countries.

General information
Girevoy Sports Union (GSU) is an organisation of kettlebell sports coaches, clubs and athletes from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. The union is open to all countries and clubs; contact us for details on how to add yours to the union.

We pride ourselves on quality and professionalism. As part of this elite group of clubs and instructors we will provide competitions, workshops and coaching to enable athletes to compete at international levels at the highest standard.

  • We follow international guidelines as set out by the top nations in kettlebell sports namely Russia and Ukraine.
  • As a member of GSU you will have the opportunity to travel and compete internationally.
  • GSU will hold regular seminars for all levels, from beginners new to the sport to experienced athletes who want to train their own team.
  • As a member of GSU you will also have the opportunity to study kettlebell sport under world champions through seminars in Ireland and the UK. Annual trips to Russia will be organised where you can train and compete in the heart of kettlebell sport.

What makes us different?
We are a professional, enthusiastic and focused social group of athletes/coaches whose main goal is to compete, to learn and teach others to do the same. We are not a hierarchy of people whose main aim is business or the attachment of titles to an individual’s name for self promotion. We are here to help the promotion and development of kettlebell sport within our countries and support anyone within them who wishes to learn, train and compete.

We are a not-for-profit members organisation, members all get a say in how the organisation is run and can put themselves forward for committee and country rep positions.

We are about: quality not quantity

We feel committee and country representative positions must be earned by showing dedication to kettlebell sport and actively taking part in competitions. All committee positions are reviewed annually at the AGM.

Similarly to be classed as a GSU coach an individual must have reached a high standard of technical skill in lifting and possess the knowledge of how to teach others to do the same. Members who believe they can meet these standards can apply to be listed as a GSU coach.

The GSU will work tirelessly to get Girevoy Sport [kettlebell sport] recognised as an official national sport and give it the respect and awareness it deserves

In order to help promote the sport in member countries all members coaching kettlebell sport can apply for their club to be added to our list of GSU afilliated clubs. The directory of clubs currently affiliated can be found on our website.