UK Kettlebell sport records: these records track the top results from UK athletes both from domestic and International competitions.

We endeavor to track results to the best of our knowledge however some competition results haven’t been made available publicly so we invite you to get in touch if you have any updates or revisions. A list of the competitions used to compile the list is given at the bottom of the page along with competitions where we have no, or partial, results. If you can help us to fill these gaps too please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

For the sake of these records we are using the definition of Veteran as 40+ and Junior as under 18 and records are entered according to the division the athlete has entered in the competition, if you are of veteran/junior age and entered a competition in the open division but wish your results to show in the relevant category here then again please just get in touch.

Records from GSU competitions will be processed as soon as possible after results are released, for International competitions we do our best to keep track but it also helps us if you inform us of any records you setWe are currently only tracking records for 10 min competitions in the traditional events of Biathlon (with additional jerk & snatch records) and Long cycle. Snatch records take into account sets done as part of Biathlon along with Snatch Only events.

Please email any corrections/additions to:


Record of competitions (*partial or no results found)

*Trojans Ketlebell Sport Biathlon Competition (London)

*Trojans Ketlebell Sport Biathlon Competition (London)
*Welsh Open Kettlebell Biathlon Championship (Cardiff)
*Kettlebell Sport Competition Kilkenny

*Long Cycle Championship (Kilkenny)
*Trojans Ketlebell Sport Biathlon Competition (London)
*All Ireland Kettlebell Championship (Kilkenny)
*Welsh Open Kettlebell Biathlon Championship (Cardiff)

*EGSA English Open Long Cycle Championship  (Birmingham)
*Scottish Biathlon Championship (Aberdeen)
*Irish Kettlebell Sport Championship (Kilkenny)
*Welsh Open Kettlebell Championship (Cardiff)

GSU Scottish Open Championship (Glasgow)
*GSU North East Open (Darlington)
GSU English Open Championship (Manchester)
GSU Irish Open Championship (Kilkenny)
GSU Welsh Open Championship (Cardiff)
GSU British Open Championship (London)
IUKL World Championship (Russia)

GSU Scottish Open Championship (Glasgow)
IUKL West Coast Classic Kettlebell Championships (America)
GSU English Open Championship (Manchester)
GSU Welsh Open Championship (Cardiff)
*OKSE World Cup Stage IV & Grand Prix (Darlington)
GSU British Open Championship (Nottingham)
*Edinburgh Kettlebell Open
IUKL World Championship (Germany)

GSU Welsh Open Championship (Cardiff)
GSU English Open Championship (Cornwall)
GSU Scottish Open Championship (Glasgow)
*OKSE English Cup (Darlington)
BoxBell Fitness Autumn Competition
*Edinburgh Kettlebell Open
IGSF European Veterans Championship
IUKL European Championship (Bulgaria)
IUKL World Championship (Dublin)
*AIKLF Irish Championship (Meath)

GSU Welsh Open Championship (Cardiff)
GSU English Open Championship (Northwich)
GSU Scottish Open Championship (Aberdeen)
GSU British Championship (Harrogate)
OKSE English Championship (Harrogate)
*OKSE  North East Open (Darlington)
*Scottish Team Qualifiers
IUKL World Cup (Latvia)
IUKL European Championship (Poland)
IUKL World Championship (Kazakstan)
IGSF World Championship (Italy)
*Ketacademy White Nights Competition & Grand Prix (St Petersburg)
AKA Nationals (Chicago)
*Ketacademy Grand Prix (Paisley)
AKA Iron Bell Challenge (USA)

GSU & OKSE English Open Championship (Bracknell)
WAKSC World Championship (California)
*Scottish Team Qualifiers
GSU Welsh Championship (Cardiff)