UK Records Updates!


So many records set over the last few months with athletes from the UK competing in the GSU British Championship and also in international competition at the IGSF World Championship in Greece and IUKL Worlds in South Korea. We’ve worked to compile a complete list of new record holders below from all the official results, and the UK records page has been updated but if there are any results or records missing then just let us know on

Stay tuned too as we will be adding a Marathons section to the records page to record the records from UK athletes in this discipline too!

Congratulations to all!


Abigail Johnston 28kg Biathlon 68kg category & Absolute record, 28kg Jerk 68kg & Absolute record

Cheryl Ballance 2x16kg Biathlon 58kg category record, 2x16kg jerk, 58kg category record

Jay Goodwillie 2x16kg Biathlon 68kg category record

Anna Plumridge 2x16kg Jerk 68kg category record

Alison Snowie 2x16kg Jerk 68kg+ category veterans record

Caz Euan 2x12kg Biathlon 63kg category veterans record, 2x12kg jerk 63kg category veterans record

Jenny Whitcombe 12kg snatch 63kg category veterans record

Gina O’Keffe 12kg snatch 68kg category veterans record

Julie Burns 8kg jerk, 68kg category record

Seonagh Perrie 2x8kg Biathlon 68kg+ category & Absolute record, 2x8kg jerk 68kg+ category & Absolute record

Dan Jones 2x32kg Jerk 95kg category record

Dan Jones 2x24kg Biathlon 95kg category & absolute record, 2x24kg jerk 95kg category record, 24kg snatch 95kg category & absolute record

Simon Trenholm 2x24kg Biathlon 78kg category veterans record, 2x24kg jerk 78kg category veterans record, 2x24kg 78kg category veterans record

Tomas Izberovic 2x20kg jerk 95kg category veterans record

Mike Swift 2x16kg Biathlon 95kg category veterans record, 16kg snatch 95kg category veterans record

James Hall 2x16kg biathlon 63kg category junior record, 2x16kg jerk 63kg category junior record, 16kg snatch 63kg category junior record


Jamuary Sambrook 2x20kg 68kg+ category record

Helen Clewer 2x16kg 68kg+ category & absolute record

Joanne Tonkin 2x16kg 63kg category record

Caz Euan 2x16kg 63kg category veterans record

Catheryn Day 2x16kg 68kg+ category veterans record

Lucy McCappin 2x12kg 68kg+ category veterans record

Jenny Whitcombe 12kg 68kg category veterans record

Amy Giltrap 2x8kg 58kg category record

Christine Acosta Weirich 2x8kg 68kg+ category record

Seonagh Perrie 2x8kg 68kg+ category veterans record

Ste Gordon 2x32kg 85kg category record

Mark Foulds 2x24kg 73kg category record

Gary Rothwell 2x24kg 95kg category veterans & overall veterans record

Al Nisbet 2x16kg 95kg+ category veterans & overall veterans record


Full records can be found here: UK Records

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