UK Record Update!

new record holders

images courtesy of Andrew Bellamy and Steve Burroughs

The UK Records Page has now been updated with the results from some recent competitions namely: the AKSI GSU Irish Championship, the Niagara Kettlebell Sport Open (NKSO) in Canada and the Iron Bell Challenge in the USA.

NB. Remember if you are a UK athlete then your results counts whereever you compete, just send us in details if you have competed abroad and been missed off the records list.

New Biathlon Records

Two overall and ten weight category records
Female records

Claire Davis: 2x16kg, 103 Jerk & 172 snatch, new overall biathlon record & overall double jerk record, jerk & biathlon records for 68kg+ category
Jay Goodwillie: 2x16kg, 93 jerk & 148 snatch, new biathlon & jerk record for 68kg Category
Cheryl Ballance: 2x12kg, 105 jerk & 170 snatch, new biathlon and jerk record for the 58kg category

Male Records
Simon Trenholm: 2x28kg, 67 jerk & 111 snatch, new biathlon & snatch record for the 78kg category
Nick Johnson: 2x20kg, 108 jerk & 190 snatch, new biathlon & snatch record in the 95kg+ category

New Long Cycle Records

Three new weight category records and one new overall record:

Abigail Johnston: 2x24kg, 51 reps, new record for the 68kg category (worldwide) and UK overall record
Caroline Dougal: 2x16kg, 96 reps, new record for the 68kg+ category
Jude Freeman: 16kg, 121 reps, new records for veterans 68kg category

For a full list of results from the Irish Champiopnship see:  results 2017
See the full list of UK records here: UK RECORDS

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