Ranking Applications

Ranking is available to all GSU members, no charge is made. Ranking attempts maybe be made at any of the five main GSU competitions in the year (Scottish, Irish, English, Welsh and British championships) or any international level competition presided upon by international judges (IUKL/IGSF etc). Upon successful ranking application the member shall receive a certificate of rank plus a rank card for their members case both with the official GSU stamp.

NB only ranks up to CMS can be awarded from GSU competitions. In order to achieve MS or above the athlete’s set must be done at a competition presided upon by professional judges (ex IUKL World or European Championships). If a member achieves reps at MS or above level in a domestic competition then they may apply for a certificate of ‘reps equivalent to’. This is ensure that GSU abide by the standards set by the leading kettlebell organisations, such as IUKL, and in recognition that the judges at domestic competitions as yet are unqualified volunteers.

Ranking Requirements
In order to achieve rank a member must:

  • perform their set at either a Four Nations Competition, the British Championship or event presided by professional judges (UIKL, IGSF etc)
  • record their set in it’s entirety, and make the video available for review
  • fill out the ranking application, including link to video, within 14 days of the competition

The decision was made to require a video for review in order to keep ranking standards consistent. Due to the subjective nature of kettlebell sport there are inevitable inconsistencies in judging in, and between, competitions. Reviewing all rank sets centrally within the committee means that everyone is judged on an equal footing. This does mean however that having reps counted in a competition setting is no guarantee they will be counted for rank, the aim to to be as fair as possible while also applying the standards set within the rules of each lift (ex. clean and jerk must be separated in long cycle, bells should not be ‘pressed out’ in jerk etc.) To see the rules that apply in full see here: GSU Rules Pack

In order to allow for the set to be reviewed videos must:

  • Show the set(s) in full
  • show the lifter from straight on (as much as possible)

Ranking applicationsĀ  from GSU competitions will be opened the day after competition and remain open for 14 days thereon. Outwith these times the form below should only be used to apply for rank from official international level IUKL events (presided upon by IUKL judges).

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