Four Nations



The Four Nations Tournament 2013/2014 challenges kettlebell athletes from all over the world to step up to the platform over a series of four competitions to represent their country as a whole, accumulate points for their club and also to determine who really is the best kettlebell athlete in each weight category!

At the end of the tournament series the Ultimate Four Nations Champions will be crowned at the British Championship 2014 alongside with the Best Performing Club/Team and Top Country. The Four Nations Tournament runs in association with the Girevoy Sport Union (GSU).

Entrants will be able to track their progress, and that of their club and/or country throughout the season through the online league table.

General Regulations

The Four Nations tournament consists of Irish, Scottish, English and Welsh-based GSU competitions, along with the end-of-season GSU British Championships where all awards shall be given out.

In order to enter the Four Nations an individual must be a member of GSU, (membership can be paid along with entry to your first Four Nations competition.) Members shall receive a membership card recording their competition attendance and results. Membership of the GSU has a wide range of benefits-see Membership for more details).

Non members can still take part in GSU competitions; however, their results will not count towards individual, club or country scores and they cannot claim the other benefits of membership including discounts on entry and seminar fees.

What’s at Stake…

All Four Nations competitions will still be standalone competitions awarding the usual medals and trophies based on results on the day. However, entrants’ scores will also be accumulated over the competition season so everyone can play their part in helping their club and/or country climb the league table, as well as working towards becoming a Four Nations 2013/2014 Champion themselves!

The Four Nations 2013/2014 Champions awards will go to the top lifter in each bodyweight division (both biathlon and long cycle) over the course of the season. Each person’s top three scores over the four competitions will be counted, with scores being based on total tonnage lifted. You can progress through the weights as desired, but you may only move up in kettlebell weight, not down, if you wish your results to be included for the Champions awards.

The Four Nations Top Country award is based on the combined total of the top three absolute scores in each category (bodyweight & bell weight) for that country. There is no limit on the number of entrants in each weight category and all countries are eligible to enter – not just those making up the Four Nations. For the country awards all bell weight categories are used. All you have to do to help add to your country’s score is indicate which country you’re representing on your entry form.

The Four Nations Top Club award is again based on an accumulation of the top three absolute scores in each category (bodyweight & bell weight) for that club. It is up to each club to fill weight categories if they can, and there is no limit on entrants in each weight category. All bell weight categories will be included for the Top Club award. Any club may enter, but remember that individual entrants must be GSU members in order for their scores to be included for the club.

N.B. Four Nations and the GSU is not affiliated to just one international organisation (IUKL, IGSF, WKC, EGSA, RGSF). It promotes all international organisations and encourages athletes to compete in all federations.