WAKSC Grand Prix Results – Scotland


So this year’s Scottish Championship is done and dusted! We’ll get results up hopefully by later today and should have some good pictures coming for you of the day.

As well as being part of the GSU Four Nations this competition was part of the WAKSC Grand Prix, here are the results as submitted to that league. The rank column shows the relevant Ketacademy rank. You can apply for this ranking through the ketacademy ranking website. Note they now charge for this. The 2017 Irish Championship & the upcoming British Championship are also part of the WAKSC Grand Prix this year, so you can earn extra points for the leagure by attending that too!

GSU members can apply for ranking by GSU tables through the GSU website as normal. No charge. Double ranking tables are in process and will hopefully be out in time for the British Championships, video’d submissions will be accepted then for doubles ranks backdated to the start of the year when they were introduced in GSU competitionsĀ šŸ™‚

NB remember as stated in the event the event info WASKC only count double bell jerk/long for this league, single bell is still counted for for all GSU results.

Male results

Female Results WAKSC

Ketacademy ranking table can be found here: Ketacademy tables 2017

Next GSU event on the horizon is theĀ GSU British ChampionshipĀ on the 4th November in Harrogate. Entry opens soon.

Also coming up in the UK is theĀ IKFF English Pentathlon Open 2017Ā on the 17th September. Get involved!


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